Ready Universal Sensor Kit 2

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Ready Universal Sensor Kit 2

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Spark Core/Photon based, sensor for noise, temp, power, air pressure, UV/IR, light, soil temp and humidity, motion and more. Now V2.0!

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Ready Universal Sensor Kit 2:

Easy to use, and better than before. 

This product is sold either in SINGLE units (Bundle Pack 001), or as a bulk package of 30 units (Bundle Pack 030).

The RUSK2 features all of the goodies from the original RUSK project and now includes an upgraded motion suite that features a built in digital compass based on the MPU-9150.

For those of you that are new to the project, the RUSK is a Spark Core add-on SENSOR board that comes with all of the bells and whistles, ready to go:

  • Noise level (with built-in microphone).
  • Infrared, UV Index and Illumination.
  • Barometric pressure and Altitude.
  • Air relative humidity and Soil moisture*.
  • Air and Soil temperature*.
  • Up to 3 sources of power measurements* using non-invasive, split-core clamps.
  • A 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer and Digital Compass based on the MPU-9150.
  • Powered by solar with MPPT-based charging control, battery terminals or via the on-board USB port.
  • Turn sensors on or off in software so that you can manage battery life.
  • 2 on-board activity LEDs to let you know what it's doing, and 3 LEDs to inform you about power usage.
  • Pin breakout for all the unused A/DIO so that you can further customize it to your requirements. You'll still have direct access to TX, RX, D6, D7, A6, A7, SDA/SCL, RST and GND.
  • Jumper select-able 3.3v power source for pin breakout (choose filtered or unfiltered on the Core).
  • Works with the Core and Photon.
  • Super sleek profile at just 84mm by 42mm, and Two layer PCB, single-side, surface mounted components.

Soil and Power sensing require additional probes or clamps that you can easily purchase and use. We don't include them because not everyone will use them and then it just becomes extra cost.

Just mate it with the Spark Core, and it's READY.

And all this, is packaged into one neat little board that's the size of a pack of gum.

A lot of the software driven functionality will come from the Spark Core software itself and fans will already know how easy that can be.  Full WiFi function and remote management, installation and update of code as soon as you put them together.

Getting RUSK2 to Work: Firmware

To use RUSK2, you will need to import the following libraries into your Spark Project:

  • foxfire-online/SPARK_BMP085
  • foxfire-online/SPARK_MPU9150
  • foxfire-online/SPARK_Si70xx
  • foxfire-online/SPARK_Si1132
  • foxfire-online/SPARK_EmonLib

You do that through the Spark Build interface, just like you see below.

You will also need to copy and paste the default RUSK program to make it all "just work".  Once you're confident you've got things working, you can modify as you see fit to do anything you want.

The code is in this repository:

While you're there you can also take a look around and see our other software projects, who knows, it might just inspire you to build something awesome!